Educational Trip To TCF (The Citizen Foundation)


An educational trip was arranged by NED University in supervision of Miss Sana tajuddin in first semester at TCF school.TCF is an NGO providing quality education at no cost to less-privileged people.The citizen foundation is one of the best NGO in Pakistan.

The trip was extra-ordinary in sense of learning point of view. The main aim of this NGO is only to provide quality education because education build a nation , improve skills and develop the society in better way. The main thing in them which I observed from trip is that their selection of area is most important. 6942797456_61d706aa74_bThey selected place very carefully. They build their school in that place which is surrounded by slums without having any profit they were sincere to their aim in-spite of condition of area.

TCF gives me an aim to do something objectively for nation. it blows my inner self for improvement of Pakistan.

This picture is taken during the visit